Saturday, 6 June 2015

Making Butter out of Cream:

Step 1: Pour the cream into a jar and shake, shake, SHAKE for around 4-5 minutes. We had some exceptional shaking going on so it didn't take us quite as long!

You can see here how the cream has separated into butter. We scooped the butter out onto a plate and then made our own sandwiches. We had the choice of marmite, peanut-butter, or jam.

It was a little tricky spreading the butter onto the bread. We worked on holding the knife correctly and holding the bread in place with our spare hand. With lots of concentration, we did very well in the end!

Taste-testing: The butter tasted amazing, just like store bought butter! Yummy!
We had a lot of fun making our own butter. We then wrote a story about it!

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